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released April 7, 2023 

Composed by Malte Leander & Charles Harding 
Mastered by Charles Harding 

Huge thanks to Eastern Bloc and WIP for providing us the facilities and equipment to rehearse and prepare the performance.


Released April 7, 2023

Prisma is a live improv soundscape set prepared for a special performance at a Nuit blanche Montréal event like-named PRISMA on February 25, 2023, hosted by Eastern Bloc and WIP. 

The set was arranged to share varying biomes and sonic memories documented by the 2 composers throughout the past few years. Subtle synth textures are layered throughout the performance to alter the perceptual experience of the field recordings as well as to inspire thoughts of strange prismatic settings in time and space. Sonic spaces and temporal stamps resembling the colors formed by refraction of light through a prism.

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