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An excellent review from Ilya Kudrin at data.wave

Trajectories — Blood & Breath: The Virus Moves

The global pandemic snuck up on us at a very unexpected and an unfortunate moment. It abruptly put a stop to the creative life of many talented people including musicians.

Trajectories is a group from Quebec which consists of Charles Harding, Malte Leander, Alana DeVito, Connor Cook and Michael Pinsonneault. As stated in the press release, the launching of their single "Blood and Breath: The Virus Moves" marks the 1-year anniversary of the quarantine in the city, with all universities transitioning to online education, and with all creative collaboration done remotely.

The debut 9-minute long single Blood & Breath: The Virus Moves by Trajectories is a multi-layered electroacoustic work that involves a vast spectrum of elements: field recordings, vocal cuts, synthesized and processed textures and many more. The personality and the mood of the single is rather anxious and definitively reflects the whole nightmare that enveloped our planet. The voice inserts personify mourning of the deceased especially well, while the field recordings (which in some places display elements of industrial) emphasize all the psychological horror and the heavy nature of the composition. It is also worth mentioning, that there is a certain vortex-like quality to the sound, typically found in electro-acoustic pieces. The single is very saturated and lacks any sort of cyclicity.

In my opinion, the piece that the group created could definitely be classified as a creative act, or even an audiofilm, to be completely precise. The piece is just asking for an accompanying video, since it reflects and depicts the society's isolation and loss of contact with reality so well, which makes this work as conceptual as possible. It is most definitely worthy of being performed at the most significant festivals of the electroacoustic music of the world, whenever that is possible.

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