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Trajectories is a collective of electroacoustic composers and interdisciplinary artists from Montreal, Quebec. The group, comprised of Charles Harding, Malte Leander, Connor Cook, and Michael Pinsonneault, focuses on generating an ever-expanding catalog of multi-disciplinary projects exploring diverse and relevant subject matter. Reflecting and commenting on contemporary issues, events and areas of research, each individual creator’s perspective interactively shapes the collective’s direction, and vice-versa.

In February 2023 the group released their first full-length album Blood & Breath, an hourlong odyssey of dark ambience, synthesis, and noise. For Trajectories, Blood & Breath represents the silver lining that came out of the global pandemic lockdowns of 2020-21 and their aftermath. Collaborating over Zoom and using shared drives, the group engaged with the unique circumstances and states of mind, body and emotion being personally and generally experienced in that historical moment, and the result was this album’s 10 tracks. Source materials are personal and intimate: recordings of apartments and private journeys and spaces, made into communal, holographic fabric when shared and reinterpreted amongst all members. As the pandemic raged on, the context shifted and tilted. So too did the relationship change between artists and their compositions. Now, three of the four members are departing on a Europe tour during the fall of 2023, where they'll be mixing improvisation with reinterpretations of material from the album using a variety of sensors and controllers, microphones and modular synthesizers.


Listen To Trajectories

Blood & Breath

Release Date: February 17, 2023

Recorded, composed, and assembled by Trajectories (Connor Cook, Charles Harding, Malte Leander, Michael Pinsonneault) 

Track 1 - Mixed and Mastered by Rob Heaney - RIP - June 2021. We are deeply thankful to have been able to work with Rob and so this first piece is dedicated to his memory. 

Tracks 2-10 - Mixed and Mastered by Grant Meuers (Snow Globe Sound) 

Artwork by Emily Blair 


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