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About The Collective

Trajectories is an emerging collective of electroacoustic composers from Montreal, Quebec. The group, comprised of Charles Harding, Malte Leander, Connor Cook, and Michael Pinsonneault, focuses on generating an ever-expanding catalogue of multi-disciplinary projects exploring diverse and relevant subject matter. Reflecting and commenting on contemporary issues and events, each individual creator’s perspective interactively shapes the collective’s direction, and vice-versa. 

The core material the group works with initially sprung from various online discussions during the early phases of COVID-19. Wanting to continue the exchanges and compositionally pursue some of the ideas being generated, the collective naturally formed in the late spring of 2020.

The first composition released by Trajectories is “Blood and Breath: The Virus Moves.” It is the first instalment of an album featuring similarly-themed pieces, and the date, March 13th, marks the first anniversary of lockdown in Montreal, when universities closed their doors and virtually all forms of creative collaboration had to be done remotely.

Electric Gamelan and Leave it to the Beavers; inspired by swampland and steam trains, these pieces represent the drastic shift of the pandemic’s arrival as a train plowing through the station. In the stillness that follows, nature begins to heal. These are two of the tracks part of their full length album coming out in the spring of 2022.

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