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Trajectories is an ensemble of electroacoustic composers and interdisciplinary artists based in Montréal and New Brunswick consisting of Charles Harding, Malte Leander, Connor Cook, and the late Michael Pinsonneault. The collective centers its exploration on a vast array of multi-disciplinary projects that delve into diverse and pertinent themes. Through a dynamic interplay of collaborative insights, the collective navigates and reflects upon contemporary issues, events, and research areas, with each member's unique perspective influencing the group's trajectory and vice versa.

In October 2023, Charles Harding, Connor Cook, and Malte Leander participated in the Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence program (Kökar, Åland, Finland), a transformative experience that led to the creation of "Live on Kökar," a series of captivating performance videos, and "Quiet on Kökar," an album of etudes released on February 9, 2024. This 3-week period of intense creativity and reflection also inspired an upcoming documentary short, chronicling their immersive engagement with Kökar's history, community, ecology, and environment. This exploration into Kökar's landscape and heritage has opened new avenues for their practice-based research, laying the groundwork for exciting developments in their artistic journey.


In February 2023, Trajectories unveiled their debut album, "Blood & Breath," a compelling journey through an hour of dark ambient soundscapes, synthesis, and noise. This album  represents the silver lining that came out of the global pandemic lockdowns of 2020-21 and their aftermath. Collaborating over Zoom and using shared drives, the group engaged with the unique circumstances and states of mind, body and emotion being personally and generally experienced in that historical moment, and the result was this album’s 10 tracks. 


Later in February 2023, Trajectories members Charles Harding and Malte Leander performed an improvised soundscape set at Nuit Blanche à Montréal. Hosted by Eastern Bloc and WIP, the spectacular event entitled PRISMA attracted hundreds. Following this performance a recorded version of the set was released as a Trajectories live EP/video, similarly titled Prisma. The set was arranged to share varying biomes and sonic memories documented by the 2 composers throughout the past few years. Subtle synth textures are layered throughout the performance to alter the perceptual experience of the field recordings as well as to inspire thoughts of strange prismatic settings in time and space. Sonic spaces and temporal stamps resemble the colours formed by refraction of light through a prism.

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the tragic loss of Michael Pinsonneault in December 2023. A cherished member and visionary of Trajectories, Michael's spirit and teachings continue to inspire and guide us. His profound influence on our collective and our work will forever be remembered and celebrated.

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